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The Lymphatic System:

The Lymphatic System:

The Lymphatic System:
By: Olivia Florence @thelivwellmethod

The lymphatic system is essentially the body’s sewage system. Imagine a delicate tube system running thru your entire body. Those tubes drain fluid (lymph) that leaks from blood vessels to the tissues and then gets emptied back into our blood stream via the lymph nodes- which we have hundreds of all over the body.

The main roles of our lymphatic system are:
-managing fluid levels in the body
-fights infections/foreign invaders
-absorbing fats
-removing cellular waste

We have TWO TIMES as much lymphatic fluid than blood and when the system gets clogged we begin to feel it everywhere because our body cannot properly de-toxify itself. A clogged system with poor drainage leads to chronic health issues & inflammation -- which we know inflammation is the root cause of disease.

The good news? You can actively care for your lymphatic system and keep it draining properly. Our optimal health is ultimately rooted in simplicity: movement, hydration, diet, sweating & stress management.

Signs & Symptoms of poor lymphatic drainage
Inability to lose weight
Swelling/Water Retention (I.e: ankles, back of knees, belly, armit, face, thighs)
Sore breasts w/period
Swollen lymph nodes
Brain fog
Acne/dry skin/itchy skin/rashes
Recurrent sore throats
Mucous in the AM
Frequently sick/infections
Chronic fatigue
Swollen fingers
Body odor
Eye puffiness/circles
Ways to improve lymphatic function:
-diaphragmatic breathing (helps to pump the lymph)
-movement- hydrates tissue & moves lymph
-anti inflammatory diet
-healing gut issues (all systems work together)
-manual lymphatic massage (self or professional)
-dry brushing
-legs up on the wall
-compression socks (esp. when flying)
-vagus nerve stimulation
-rebounding (I.e jumping on trampoline)
-sweating daily (sauna, steam, workouts)
-coffee enemas
-massage lymph nodes
Favorite products for lymphatic drainage:
De la heart paddle & dry brush